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Personal Training

Personal Training is a combination of personalised exercise and nutritional advice to ensure you feel and look your absolute best.

At Razor fitness your personal training journey will start with a free consultation, in which your general fitness, body function, and nutrition will be assessed.

We will then work together on setting realistic goals to be achieved over short periods of time, and begin transforming your training in order to achieve them. Most importantly, the sessions will be great fun, different every time, and performed in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Reasons to have
personal training

Difficulty in losing weight
Training for an event
Adding muscle mass
Get a step ahead in your sport
Rehabilitation from injury
Injury prevention
You want to look your best for an occasion
Are unsure how to exercise
Stress Relief
Improve self Esteem


Sports Massage

If you have muscular aches and pains, Razor fitness offers a specialised and professional sports massage service to relieve your symptoms.

Sports massage can be used to
Reduce Lower back pain
Reduce Neck and shoulder pain
Aid recovery from sporting events or training
Aid recovery from soft tissue injuries
Iron out knots in muscles