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Andy was my personal trainer for 18 months. Really helped me improve my fitness - and he is very easy to get along with. Recommended

Tom Hewitt

I have trained with Andy for just over a year. Initially I had only intended to do 6 weeks to kick start me back in to exercising after a  12mths lay off from any exercise after a change in jobs. During the initial 6 weeks I found that I experienced significantly quicker gains in  strength, muscle definition and cardiovascular performance than I ever had previously. As such I decided to continue to train with Andy.  The variety of techniques employed  by Andy has meant that I haven’t experienced the same plateaus or boredom with training that I have in the past. Andy is both friendly and highly motivational. His experience as a professional sportsman makes him stand out from other “trainers” who have a certificate to their name but limited practical experience. I turned 40 this year and  am now the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my life.

Tim Allen
Operations Director, People Source

I have worked with Andy for almost 3 years. It is entirely down to his great motivational skills and enthusiastic approach to my goals (however small or large) that I am achieving my aims and still going.

Laura Claydon (45)
Partner at Burgess Salmon law firm