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Razor Fitness is a home, gym and pitch based fitness service that offers clients a personalised and enjoyable way to exercise, achieving fitness levels that far exceed expectations.

Andy ReayRun by Andy Reay, an ex England under 21, Premiership, and now Championship rugby player, Razor Fitness will target your specific fitness goals and create a manageable exercise and nutrition plan to achieve them.

Razor Fitness offers schools, clubs and individuals the chance to receive specialist rugby coaching. Drawing from ideas and tactics learned from Coaches at the highest level of rugby in England and around the world, Andy uses the most current ideas on how the modern game should be played.

It was great to get to work with Andy, who was referred to me by another of his clients. We talked through what I was looking for, current fitness and also what I enjoyed doing. Andy really pushed me to achieve – especially with weights, my weakest area. The short and long term improvement was fantastic and I felt physically as well as mentally better, it even felt good when my arms ached and I woke up sore the next day – I knew the hard work was paying off.

Andy kept me motivated, different exercises, progressing to heavier weights and we talked about tips to help me out at the gym and also nutrition. Andy also took the time to find out about me and other interests and it was enjoyable to talk about what we were doing with work / sports / what we were up to at the weekend and have that natural rapport.

It wasn’t a chore to do and we continually reassessed - It felt good to be valued and working with Andy was more than just achieving fitness goals.

Adam Cooper
(soon to be fitness instructor)

Before signing up with Andy I was concerned that personal training was something for posers, or professional athletes, but I have been proved wrong.  My goal was to regain a level of fitness lost some years ago and Andy has helped me to exceed this goal in a thoroughly enjoyable way.  The sessions have been well planned, incredibly varied, and executed in a calmly professional and highly supportive manner.  Andy’s expertise has enabled me to get the best out of limited time for exercise, and I would strongly recommend him. 

John David
Investment manager